1.  Roast Pork Egg Roll $2.09
2.  Shrimp Egg Roll $2.19
3.  Spring Roll $2.29
4.  Vegetable Egg Roll $2.39
5.  Fried Fantail Shrimp (2) $5.19
6.  Fried Wonton (10) $4.59
6a.  Chicken Fingers (6) $6.29
6b.  Buffalo Wings (8)Spicy $8.29
7.  Crab Rangoon (8) $6.29
8.  Shrimp Toast (4) $5.99
9.  Fried or Steamed Dumplings (8) $7.99
10.  Fried or Steamed Vegetable Dumplings (8) $7.99
11.  Teriyaki Beef (4) $8.99
11a.  Chicken Stick (4) $8.59
12.  Bar-B-Q Spareribs (S)$8.99 (L)$16.89
13.  Boneless Spareribs (S)$8.69 (L)$16.39
14.  Pu Pu Platter (For 2)
Included: Egg Roll, Fried Wonton, Fantail Shrimp, Shrimp Toast, Beef Stick, Chicken Wings, Ribs.
15.  Cold Noodle w. Sesame SauceSpicy $6.39
15a.  Scallion Pancake $6.99
15b.  Shrimp or Chicken Dumplings (8) $7.99


w. Crispy Noodles

16.  Wonton Soup (S)$3.39 (L)$5.49
17.  Egg Drop Soup (S)$3.29 (L)$5.39
18.  Chicken Rice or Noodle Soup (S)$3.29 (L)$5.39
19.  Wonton and Egg Drop Mixed Soup (S)$3.69 (L)$6.19
20.  Bean Curd w. Vegetable Soup (S)$3.49 (L)$5.99
21.  Hot and Sour Soupspicy (S)$4.09 (L)$6.59
22.  House Special Soup (For 2) $8.29
23.  Seafood Soup (For 2) $9.19
24.  Chicken and Crabmeat Soup $7.69
24a.  Chicken Corn Soup $7.59

Fried Rice

25.  Plain Fried Rice (S)$5.49 (L)$8.69
26.  Roast Pork or Chicken Fried Rice (S)$6.49 (L)$10.79
27.  Beef or Shrimp Fried Rice (S)$7.19 (L)$11.89
28.  House Special Fried Rice (S)$7.39 (L)$12.59
29.  Vegetable Fried Rice (S)$6.09 (L)$9.89
30.  Crabmeat Fried Rice (S)$6.89 (L)$10.99
30a.  Brown Rice (S)$4.29 (L)$6.59

Lo Mein

31.  Vegetable Lo Mein (S)$6.99 (L)$11.29
32.  Chicken Lo Mein (S)$7.29 (L)$11.99
33.  Roast Pork Lo Mein (S)$7.29 (L)$11.99
34.  Beef Lo Mein (S)$7.59 (L)$12.59
35.  Shrimp Lo Mein (S)$7.59 (L)$12.59
36.  House Special Lo Mein (S)$7.69 (L)$13.09
37.  Plain Lo Mein (S)$6.79 (L)$10.89

Chow Mein

w. White Rice & Crispy Noodles

38.  Vegetable Chow Mein (S)$6.59 (L)$10.09
39.  Chicken Chow Mein (S)$6.99 (L)$10.99
40.  Roast Pork Chow Mein (S)$6.99 (L)$11.09
41.  Beef Chow Mein (S)$7.39 (L)$11.99
42.  Shrimp Chow Mein (S)$7.59 (L)$11.99
43.  House Special Chow Mein (S)$7.59 (L)$12.19

Chop Suey

w. White Rice

44.  Vegetable Chop Suey (S)$6.49 (L)$10.19
45.  Chicken Chop Suey (S)$6.89 (L)$11.09
46.  Roast Pork Chop Suey (S)$6.89 (L)$11.09
47.  Beef Chop Suey (S)$7.29 (L)$11.99
48.  Shrimp Chop Suey (S)$7.49 (L)$12.09

Egg Foo Young

w. White Rice

49.  Roast Pork or Chicken Egg Foo Young $10.69
50.  Shrimp or Beef Egg Foo Young $11.19
51.  Vegetable Egg Foo Young $10.49
52.  Mushroom Egg Foo Young $10.49
53.  Crabmeat Egg Foo Young $11.19


w. White Rice

54.  Mixed Chinese Vegetable w. Tofu $11.49
55.  Eggplant w. Garlic SauceSpicy $11.69
56.  Ma Po Bean CurdSpicy $10.69
57.  Sauteed Broccoli $11.19
58.  Sauteed String Beans $11.59
59.  Moo Shu Vegetables (w. 5 Pancakes) $11.59
60.  Broccoli w. Garlic SauceSpicy $11.49
61.  General Tso's Mixed VegetablesSpicy $11.49
61a.  General Tso's To FuSpicy $11.69

Chow Mei Fun

Rice Noodle

62.  Roast Pork Chow Mei Fun $11.89
63.  Chicken Chow Mei Fun $11.89
64.  Beef or Shrimp Chow Mei Fun $12.39
65.  Singapore Chow Mei FunSpicy $12.79
66.  House Special Chow Mei Fun $12.79

Chow Ho Fun

Soft Rice Noodles

67.  Vegetable Chow Ho Fun $11.19
68.  Shrimp Chow Ho Fun $12.29
69.  Beef Chow Ho Fun $12.29
70.  Roast Pork or Chicken Chow Ho Fun $11.79
71.  House Special Chow Ho Fun $12.69


w. Rice

72.  Chicken w. Broccoli (S)$8.39 (L)$14.09
73.  Moo Goo Gai Pan (S)$8.39 (L)$14.09
74.  Chicken w. String Bean (S)$8.39 (L)$14.09
75.  Chicken w. Snow Pea (S)$8.39 (L)$14.09
76.  Chicken w. Black Bean Sauce (S)$8.39 (L)$14.09
77.  Chicken w. Chinese Vegetables (S)$8.39 (L)$14.09
79.  Chicken w. Mushroom (S)$8.39 (L)$14.09
80.  Chicken and Beef w. Broccoli (S)$8.39 (L)$14.09
81.  Chicken w. Cashew Nuts (S)$8.49 (L)$14.19
82.  Curry Chickenspicy (S)$8.39 (L)$14.09
83.  Kung Po Chickenspicy (S)$8.39 (L)$14.09
84.  Chicken w. Garlic SauceSpicy $14.09
85.  Hunan ChickenSpicy $14.09
86.  Szechuan Spicy ChickenSpicy $14.09
87.  Chicken Eggplant w. Garlic SauceSpicy $14.09
88.  Moo Shu Chicken (w. 5 Pancakes) $14.09


w. Rice

89.  Beef w. Broccoli (S)$8.99 (L)$16.19
90.  Beef w. String Beans (S)$8.99 (L)$16.19
91.  Pepper Steak w. Onion (S)$8.99 (L)$16.19
92.  Beef w. Chinese Vegetable (S)$8.99 (L)$16.19
93.  Beef w. Mushroom (S)$8.99 (L)$16.19
94.  Beef w. Snow Peas (S)$8.99 (L)$16.19
95.  Beef w. Oyster Sauce (S)$8.99 (L)$16.19
96.  Beef w. Pepper & Tomato (S)$8.99 (L)$16.19
97.  Curry Beefspicy (S)$8.99 (L)$16.19
98.  Hot and Spicy Beefspicy (S)$8.99 (L)$16.19
99.  Beef w. Garlic SauceSpicy $16.19
100.  Hunan BeefSpicy $16.19
101.  Szechuan BeefSpicy $16.19
102.  Beef w. ScallionSpicy $17.19

Roast Pork

w. Rice

103.  Roast Pork w. Snow Peas (S)$8.09 (L)$14.39
104.  Roast Pork w. Broccoli (S)$8.09 (L)$14.39
105.  Roast Pork w. Chinese Vegetable (S)$8.09 (L)$14.39
106.  Roast Pork w. String Beans (S)$8.09 (L)$14.39
107.  Hot and Spicy Porkspicy (S)$8.09 (L)$14.39
108.  Shredded Pork w. Garlic Saucespicy (S)$8.09 (L)$14.39
109.  Roast Pork w. Mushroom (S)$8.09 (L)$14.39
110.  Pork w. Black Bean Sauce (S)$8.09 (L)$14.39
111.  Moo Shu Pork (w. 5 Pancakes) $14.39


w. Rice

112.  Shrimp w. Lobster Sauce (S)$8.99 (L)$15.79
113.  Shrimp w. String Beans (S)$8.99 (L)$15.79
114.  Shrimp w. Broccoli (S)$8.99 (L)$15.79
115.  Shrimp w. Snow Peas (S)$8.99 (L)$15.79
116.  Shrimp w. Chinese Vegetable (S)$8.99 (L)$15.79
117.  Shrimp w. Pepper and Tomato (S)$8.99 (L)$15.79
118.  Shrimp w. Cashew Nuts (S)$8.99 (L)$15.79
119.  Shrimp w. Mushroom (S)$8.99 (L)$15.79
120.  Shrimp w. Black Bean Sauce (S)$8.99 (L)$15.79
121.  Shrimp and Beef w. Broccoli $15.79
122.  Shrimp w. Chili Saucespicy (S)$8.99 (L)$15.79
123.  Curry Shrimpspicy (S)$8.99 (L)$15.79
124.  Kung Po Shrimpspicy (S)$8.99 (L)$15.79
125.  Hunan ShrimpSpicy $15.79
126.  Szechuan ShrimpSpicy $15.79
127.  Shrimp w. Garlic SauceSpicy $15.79
128.  Shrimp w. Eggplant in Garlic SauceSpicy $15.79
129.  Moo Shu Shrimp (w. 5 Pancakes) $15.79
130.  Squid w. Mixed Vegetable (S)$8.79 (L)$15.79
131.  Squid w. Black Beans Sauce (S)$8.79 (L)$15.79
132.  Squid w. Garlic Saucespicy (S)$8.79 (L)$15.79
133.  Scallop w. Garlic Saucespicy (S)$8.79 (L)$15.79
134.  Scallop w. Broccoli (S)$8.79 (L)$15.79

Sweet and Sour

w. Rice

135.  Sweet and Sour Pork (S)$8.19 (L)$14.29
136.  Sweet and Sour Chicken (S)$8.19 (L)$14.29
137.  Sweet and Sour Shrimp (S)$8.59 (L)$14.69

Combination Platters

w. Roast Pork Fried Rice & Egg Roll

C1.  Chicken or Roast Pork Chow Mein $10.89
C2.  Chicken or Roast Pork Egg Foo Young $10.89
C3.  Lo Mein (Chicken or Pork) $10.89
C4.  Sweet and Sour Pork or Chicken $10.89
C5.  Sauteed Mixed Veg $10.89
C6.  Chicken or Roast Pork Broccoli $10.89
C7.  Chicken w. Cashew Nuts $10.89
C8.  Chicken w. Black Bean Sauce $10.89
C9.  Chicken w. Mixed Vegs $10.89
C10.  Moo Goo Gai Pan $10.89
C11.  Chicken and Beef Broccoli $10.89
C12.  Beef w. Mushroom $10.89
C13.  Pepper Steak w. Onion $10.89
C14.  General Tso's ChickenSpicy $10.89
C15.  Chicken w. Garlic SauceSpicy $10.89
C16.  Kung Po ChickenSpicy $10.89
C17.  Tai Ching ChickenSpicy $10.89
C18.  Curry ChickenSpicy $10.89
C19.  Szechuan Chicken or BeefSpicy $11.19
C20.  Hot and Spicy Chicken or BeefSpicy $11.19
C21.  Hunan Shrimp or BeefSpicy $11.19
C22.  Shrimp w. Garlic SauceSpicy $11.19
C23.  Shrimp w. Mixed Veg $11.19
C24.  Shrimp w. Snow Peas $11.19
C25.  Shrimp w. Lobster Sauce $11.19
C26.  Shrimp or Beef Broccoli $11.19
C27.  Shrimp Chow Mein $11.19
C28.  Sesame Chicken $11.19
C29.  Bar-B-Q Spareribs $11.19
C30.  Boneless Spareribs $11.19
C31.  Mango ChickenSpicy $11.19
C32.  Mango ShrimpSpicy $11.19

Special Diet Menu

w. White Rice or Brown Rice. Special Diet Sauce on the side
Choice of Ginger, Garlic or Brown Sauce. Extra Brown Rice Add $0.5

D1.  Steamed Mixed Vegetable $12.09
D2.  Steamed Shrimp w. Mixed Vegetable $16.39
D3.  Scallop w. Mixed Vegetable $16.39
D4.  Shrimp w. Broccoli $16.39
D5.  Steamed Chicken w. Mixed Vegetables $15.19
D6.  Chicken w. Snow Pea $15.19
D7.  Steamed Triple Green Jade $12.39
D8.  Steamed Shrimp w. Snow Peas $16.39
D9.  Steamed Chicken w. String Bean $15.19

Chef s Special

w. White Rice

SH1.  Seafood Combination
Crabmeat, large shrimp, scallops, mixed vegetables in white sauce.
SH2.  Wor Shu Duck
Deep fried half boneless duck w. mixed vegetables in brown sauce.
SH3.  Happy Family
Fresh big shrimps, sliced roast pork, chicken, beef, scallops, & vegetable mixed w. traditional & brown sauce
SH4.  Four Season
Shrimp, chicken, beef & roast pork w. broccoli, baby corn, straw mushroom, snow peas & Chinese vegetables in brown sauce.
SH5.  Triple Delight Szechuan StyleSpicy
Chicken, shrimp & beef w. green pepper, bamboo shoots, carrots & water chestnuts in Szechuan sauce.
SH6.  Subgum Wor Wonton
Shrimp, chicken & roast pork w. Chinese vegetables & fried 6 pieces of wonton.
SH7.  Shrimp and Scallops
Big shrimp & scallop sauteed w. mixed vegetables in white sauce
SH8.  General Tso's ChickenSpicy
Crispy chicken w. broccoli in chef's special hot sauce
SH9.  Chicken w. Orange FlavorSpicy
Chunk of chicken w. orange peel, lightly breaded deep fried in spicy sauce.
SH10.  Beef w. Orange FlavorSpicy $17.79
SH11.  Sesame Beef $17.79
SH12.  Sesame Chicken $14.89
SH13.  Lemon Chicken $14.39
SH14.  Boneless Chicken $14.39
SH15.  Tai Ching ChickenSpicy
Crispy chicken w. mixed vegetables in spicy sauce.
SH16.  Pan Fried Noodles w. Assorted Meat $17.29
SH17.  Butterfly Shrimp $16.59
SH18.  Dragon and PhoenixSpicy
Jumbo shrimp w. spicy chili sauce. & General Tso's Chicken.
SH19.  Shrimp and Chicken Hunan StyleSpicy $16.59
SH20.  Double Cooked PorkSpicy $14.29
SH21.  General Tso's ShrimpSpicy $18.39
SH22.  Seafood Pan Fried Noodles $18.59
SH23.  Beef and Scallops $16.59
SH24.  Crispy Shrimp w. WalnutsSpicy
Shrimp lightly battered fried w. crispy red Szechuan sauce, served on a bed of broccoli
SH25.  Mango ChickenSpicy $16.29
SH26.  Mango ShrimpSpicy $16.89


S1.  Fried Chicken Wings (4)
w. French Fries or Fried Rice$9.29
w. Pork or Chicken Fried Rice$9.79
w. Beef or Shrimp Fried Rice$10.09
S2.  Fried Breaded Shrimp (12)
w. French Fries or Fried Rice$8.39
w. Pork or Chicken Fried Rice$8.69
w. Beef or Shrimp Fried Rice$9.09
S3.  Fried Spareribs Tips
w. French Fries or Fried Rice$8.29
w. Pork or Chicken Fried Rice$8.59
w. Beef or Shrimp Fried Rice$9.19
S4.  Fried Scallops (10)
w. French Fries or Fried Rice$7.99
w. Pork or Chicken Fried Rice$8.39
w. Beef or Shrimp Fried Rice$8.79
S6.  Crab Stick (8)
w. French Fries or Fried Rice$7.79
w. Pork or Chicken Fried Rice$8.29
w. Beef or Shrimp Fried Rice$8.79
S7.  French Fries (S)$3.39 (L)$5.09
S8.  Fried Half Chicken
w. French Fries or Fried Rice$9.49
w. Pork or Chicken Fried Rice$9.79
w. Beef or Shrimp Fried Rice$10.29

Lunch Special

From 11:00 am to 3:00 pm
All Served w. Pork Fried Rice or White Rice
All Choice of Wonton Soup or Egg Drop Soup or Hot & Sour Soup or Can Soda or Egg Roll

L1.  Chicken or Pork Chow Mein $8.09
L2.  Chicken Broccoli $8.09
L3.  Chicken Cashew Nuts $8.09
L4.  Moo Goo Gai Pan $8.09
L5.  Chicken w. Garlic SauceSpicy $8.09
L6.  General Tso's ChickenSpicy $8.09
L7.  Szechuan ChickenSpicy $8.09
L8.  Curry Chicken w. OnionSpicy $8.09
L9.  Kung Po ChickenSpicy $8.09
L10.  Hunan ChickenSpicy $8.09
L11.  Orange ChickenSpicy $8.09
L12.  Sesame Chicken $8.09
L13.  Chicken w. String Bean $8.09
L14.  Chicken w. Snow Peas $8.09
L15.  Chicken and Shrimp w. Broccoli $8.09
L16.  Sweet and Sour Chicken or Pork $8.09
L17.  Pork or Chicken Egg Foo Young $8.09
L18.  Pork or Chicken Lo Mein $8.09
L19.  Beef w. Mushroom $8.69
L20.  Beef Broccoli $8.69
L21.  Pepper Steak w. Onion $8.69
L22.  Bar-B-Q Spare Ribs $8.69
L23.  Boneless Spare Ribs $8.69
L24.  Triple Delight $8.69
L25.  Shrimp Lo Mein $8.69
L26.  Shrimp Chow Mein $8.69
L27.  Shrimp w. Broccoli $8.69
L28.  Shrimp w. Chinese Veg $8.69
L29.  Shrimp w. Lobster Sauce $8.69
L30.  Shrimp w. Black Bean Sauce $8.69
L31.  Shrimp w. Garlic SauceSpicy $8.69
L32.  Singapore Chow Mei FunSpicy $8.69
L33.  Broccoli w. Garlic SauceSpicy $8.09
L34.  Shredded Pork w. Garlic SauceSpicy $8.69
L35.  Hot Spicy BeefSpicy $8.69
L36.  Chicken Wing (3) $8.39
L37.  Sauteed Mixed Vegetables $8.09
L38.  Orange BeefSpicy $10.39
L39.  Chicken w. Chinese Veg $8.09
L40.  Shrimp or Beef w. String Bean $8.69
L41.  Chicken w. Mushroom $8.09
L42.  Chicken Eggplant w. Garlic ScSpicy $8.09
L43.  Hot Spicy PorkSpicy $8.09
L44.  Chicken and Beef w. Broccoli $8.09
L45.  Shrimp Egg Foo Young $8.69
L46.  Scallop w. Broccoli $8.69

Party Order Menu

1.  Egg Roll (Roast Pork) 20 pcs $38.00
2.  Fried Rice (Chicken or Roast Pork) $34.00
3.  Chicken Broccoli $43.00
4.  General Tso's ChickenSpicy $43.00
5.  Lo Mein (Chicken or Pork) $35.00
6.  Boneless Spare Ribs $49.00
7.  Chicken Wings 20 pcs $32.00
8.  Mixed Vegetable $31.00
9.  Chicken w. Garlic SauceSpicy $43.00
10.  Chow Mein (Chicken or Pork) $36.00
11.  Dumplings (Fried or Steam) 40 pcs $37.00
12.  Sweet and Sour (Chicken or Pork) $43.00

Side Order

Steamed Rice (S)$2.29 (L)$4.09
Crispy Noodles $1.50
Fortune Cookies (4) $1.00
Almond Cookies (3) $1.50